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kymjayPNG1Hi, it is great to meet you.

My name is Kimberley Wiggins but to those who work with me I am simply known as Coach KimmieJ.

I have a strong desire and passion to work with clients who are in transition to help them embrace their purpose and develop fully into the leader they already are (they just don’t know that they are that leader yet).

Why is that my strongest desire?

Because I used to be that person that was living that jaded life where I got up every morning heading to a corporate job and whistling as I sat in traffic. Yes, you heard me, whistling. The whistling was a result of having the high paying job and making tons of money to buy tons of stuff. I thought that was the epitome of my existence. I really thought I had arrived.

But, something changed. My upper level managers were now requiring me to produce more with less which meant I had to spend longer hours at work to get the same results. I had to drive my team harder and I began to be very miserable. I began to look around at the kind of people I had to work with and to evaluate their values and beliefs and was highly disappointed. It was like the thing I loved most was the one thing that was beginning to eat at my very soul. I could not understand it. I was a “corporate girl” and always loved it. This was not making sense to me. I couldn’t figure it out.

Then one day I just stopped and really started to assess who I was and what I was doing within the corporate structure. I fully realized that I was not fulfilled because there was something missing. This was not who I was or really needed to pretend to be. I needed to be able to be my authentic “ME” at all times. There had to be more. I needed to find that thing. After much soul searching and seeking, I had finally found what God intended for me to do. I had found my purpose. I FINALLY HAD A PURPOSE. Yes sirree, you bet I did. I knew I was on the right track.

Now that I had the answer, I felt a need to share that with everyone else. I left my world of corporate that I loved to embark on this adventure in the hopes of helping those that are still there in that world seeking.

I understand them. I know exactly what it’s like; I have seen them. I have been one of them, I know what they look like. I would sit in my office and see them as they passed by on a daily basis. I so wanted to help them.

Who are they?