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Want To Have A Positive Passion?

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I know a very smart, sharp woman who knows how to do great things in her business. Her clients are happy with here because she is very good at what she does. When she is working in her passion, she is on fire and working very positively. But when she is not working in her passion (which you can’t do 24 hours a day) she is just a real negative person. That was totally shocking to me. My question (that I ask to myself) is how can she turn the negative on and off to inspire and motivate her clients. Well that’s tricky but it can be done but the problem with that is that eventually you will slip up and the negativity slips out when you least expect it. One of her clients came to me for advice to discuss this very thing with me where they saw it slip out several times and it was kind of scary for the client. So how can she remedy this?

The best and most effective way is to stop living the “fake life of inspiration” and let it permeate your soul truthfully. You can personally train your mind to be positive. There is absolutely a way to do that. You hear speakers stand from stage and say they used to be negative, well it’s true. You can change. Isn’t that awesome news? Here are 3 things you can do immediately to start to change your negative mind:

1. Admit to yourself that you are negative. One of the most genuine and helpful things you can do for yourself is to be truthful. Just admit it. Acknowledge your negative mind and then you will be able to find ways to deal with it. Stop fooling yourself because that what causes you to think that you might be fooling others in the process.
2. Stop the negative encounter when it enters your thoughts. You have to immediately begin to put it stop to it. You can’t allow it to continue. You have to recognize that the thought is negative, stop it and immediately reframe the negative thought into a positive thought. The reframe should be spoken aloud as well so that you can hear yourself change the negative to a positive. This sounds silly but doing this consistently over time works and will change your thinking.
3. Don’t allow negative people to help foster your thoughts. Remember: misery loves company. Don’t be the misery counterpart for that negative mind. Boot that out of your life until you get your negative thoughts under control. You can’t help someone unless you help yourself first. Isn’t that the reason airline attendants tell you to put the mask on yourself first in case of emergency?

Getting rid of that negative mind will help to change the perspective of your life, your business and your world view. You will greater enhance your passion and find the greatness around you. We should all be working towards launching a new world view and that can’t be accomplished with negative thoughts floating around.

What negative thought habits do you need to rid yourself of today?  Come on, share just one.

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