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Purpose, Impact or Both?

The things that matter most when you are in the purpose seek journey is knowing that all the actions that you are taking and the sacrificing that you are making is for some worthwhile cause.  That you are not just doing things everyday that are not fulfilling.

Being able to fulfill a purpose is vital and making an impact on the world in some way helps you to be even more fulfilled in doing so.  This week we focus on having an impact with our purpose so that the focus remains strong.  We also are focusing on doing the small things that help someone else.  It is a part of the servant leadership journey.


Are You Insulted By The Truth?

Motivational Background

Recently I was working on a project for a friend, in my conversation with him about the project, his nephew was there.  While I was talking about the project, I said “I really could use another person helping me to get this completed by the deadline, I need to find someone.”  Immediately, his nephew, who I know pretty well, chimed in and said he would be happy to assist me.  I knew that would not work because I knew his personality type and I knew mine.

You see, he is a very high S (supportive, peace keeping) type and I am a very high D (direct, results driven).  What I really needed to help me was a very high C (conscientious, detailed) person.  I am also a high C so I knew that is what I needed to complete this project.  Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love S types.  They complete me.  But in this instance, for this job, no way Hosea.  I needed a C type.  I would end up pulling my hair out and probably a lot of rework based on his help.  And I knew from just knowing him, he had very little C type in his behavior.  So it required me to be truthful and explain that to him.  I was very tactful (probably more than usual) but I needed to be truthful at the same time (remember, I am direct, I am working on toning that down).  Needless to say, he was not very happy with our talk.  My friend later told me that he was very insulted about what I told him.  I told my friend, “But I was truthful.”

And that is always my response.  This is not my first time running into such a situation but here are my thoughts on the matter.  I would rather be truthful and tell you the things you need to know to improve yourself than not tell you at all.  The things that I reveal to you about whether I appreciate your level of work or service or not is indeed based on my insight only, but it is something worth exploring inwardly.  Here is what I do when I am told less than desirable news about myself.  BEFORE, I get totally miffed and insulted.  I TAKE 5.  What do I mean?  I ask myself these 5 questions:

  1. Am I at odds with this person?
  2. What would be that person’s motive for telling me that?
  3. Are the things this person is saying to me something that someone else has said to me before?
  4. When I carefully review the situation mentioned, can I see what that person may be referring to or maybe see where that person is mistaken about?
  5. Is this an area where I feel I may be able to improve or strengthen my skills?

When someone says something to you, it is indeed worth exploring internally.  I always remind myself that if my very first instinct is to be insulted, there may be more to the story than meets the eye and I probably need to do some soul searching within.  Criticism does not always feel good to me but it may be just what I need.  So before you take things too personal and become highly insulted, stop a minute and TAKE 5.  It won’t hurt and you may learn a thing or two about yourself.

What things have insulted you lately that you may need to review internally?

Making Your Passion A Party

CadenandmeMy grandson came home Saturday from his vacation with his dad in SC. My daughter and I picked him up. We were pretending to have a “welcome home” party while we were riding in the car. It was great fun. We were celebrating, laughing and toasting each other (with juice) because I had not seen him in a while. It was wonderful fun. I missed my NuNu so.  That’s a picture of me and my NuNu at his Thanksgiving dinner.

The same way I felt about celebrating with my grandson is how I feel about celebrating for my passion. It’s a big deal for me. It’s amazing. I have the urge to celebrate my passions regularly these days because as my business grows and things begin to more clearly unfold, I am elated to be doing what I am doing. No joke there. I truly love it. I enjoy spending my time with a wonderful group of people (my tribe) that I love growing and developing with. We discover new and exciting things together and tackle our problems and issues on this adventure. It is all so well worth it. I wake up in the morning with my soul well pleased because of my passion. And I go to bed at night with my soul well pleased,

It’s an amazing feeling. I did a teleseminar on Sunday about how to know when your passion is truly your passion. As I shared this important message with the participants Sunday, I was so excited about having that insight for myself as to what my passions really are. I want those of you who know that you are living in your passion and enjoying what you do to go ahead and take a moment today to celebrate. I am.

I celebrate that I have been blessed with the wisdom and insight to do this thing. I celebrate that I have an awesome group of people on this journey with me and lastly I celebrate that I live in a world where I get to make the choices that map out the destiny for my life.

What are you going to celebrate about your passions today?

What Makes Me So Quirky?


This week we are focusing on personality and behavior types.

We are working on getting to know ourselves better and work on self-improvement.

No better way to do that than to learn about the personalities and behaviors that drive us.  That make use who we are.

What are our strengths and weaknesses?  Are you a people person or not?  How to do you process information?

All of these things are critical in helping you to find your purpose.


Yippee! New Fixer Friday

Do you have a burning question or issue that you need an answer to?  Not sure who to ask?  Well here you have it.

I am so excited today.  Today is our very first Fixer Friday.

I know you say, “we see videos from you every Friday” but this one may be for you.


Susan: Why must I have a niche?  Can’t I do just do everything?

Here is my answer……….